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NEW @snapmag

Black Edition USB technology

Discover snapmag's latest USB cable, featuring a fast charging function and an all-black design with a sleek, durable black aluminum alloy connector. This 1.5 meter cable is compatible with all USB devices, offers a fast charging function, ensures fast data transfer and features a fireproof cable with robust aluminum connectors.

Magnetic USB cables comply with the new European standards

Upgrade your charging with snapmag's magnetic USB cables: Perfect for devices. Experience fast charging and data transfer, a durable, tangle-free design and innovative magnetic cable management for long-lasting, efficient use.

The next era of charging technology!



Experience effortless charging with our magnetic retractable cables. They roll up neatly for storage and easily unwind for use, keeping your space organized and clutter-free.

12W Power

Fast loading

Experience ultra-fast charging with our versatile USB-A - Lightning cables, designed for quick power-up and fast data transfer - perfect for your modern devices.


Fast data transfer

Experience unmatched data transfer speeds with our advanced USB-A - Lightning cables, designed for peak performance across all your USB-A - Lightning devices.

Stay Organized!

Discover more than just style with our snapmag cable. Swipe to feel the difference!




Still hesitating? Wait and see why our cables change everything!

Eingebaute Magnete für einfaches Kabelaufrollen
Erfüllt die universellen USB-C Spezifikationen
3A Schnellladung und schneller Datentransfer
Langlebiges Nylon, PTE und LCP für bessere Sicherheit
Stromlinienförmiges, verwicklungsfreies Design
Spielerisch und schlank, ein Kabel, das du gerne benutzen wirst

Fast, powerful and tidy charging

Find Your Perfect Charge: Top-Tier Cable with Flexible Braided Nylon Protection.

Robust nylon-coated cable cover

The Snapmag cable features a stylish and attractive design that enhances its aesthetic appeal and is also built for long-term use.

LCP reinforced

Featuring a PTE inner cable jacket, our design provides an additional layer of protection against damage while maintaining flexibility without compromising safety.

12W -Fast charging copper cable

Discover our high-quality copper cables designed for 12W fast charging and fast data transfer. Reliable and efficient, they deliver peak performance every time.

Improved durability and safety

Our cable is designed with a PTE inner jacket that provides additional protection against damage while maintaining flexibility to ensure both safety and durability.

USB charging cable for all devices

Get the best connection with our advanced USB cables. Perfect for charging your smartphone or iPhone (USB-C models from model 15), Apple MacBook or iPad and other devices, they meet the latest universal standards for easy, reliable use.

More than 12,000 satisfied customers worldwide already use Snapmag.

We love our customers – here are some reviews.


Cat-tested technology

My 😸 is the ultimate cable critic, but she gives Snapmag two paws up. Either she's impressed by its sleek design, or she knows it's too high-tech for her pranks. Either way, it's a win for me! 😅


Finally no more tangled cables

My nightly ritual used to be to untangle my old charger. Now, with this cable, that's a thing of the past. It's like going from a flip phone to a smartphone. Very cool!


Magnetic Magic + Speed

I play with this cable all day long even when I'm not using it. But when I do use it, the charging speed is UNREAL! Side effect: It attracts the girls in my class - my friends are jealous, and I love it!


Suddenly I am the technology hero of the family

Who would have thought that a cable could make you a household legend? It charges at the speed of light, and that's not even an exaggeration.

No more cable chaos – it's a real game changer!! 😱😍


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