FAQ about license plate holder

Frequently asked questions about the product

Up to how many km/h are the license plate holders tested?

the license plate holders have been tested at speeds over 300 km/h!

I have 2 vehicles, how many sets do I need for both cars? One set is for one car. If you have 2 cars and use the holders for interchangeable plates, you need 2 sets for 2 cars.

Does that even last?

Yes! Our parts have been tested and are designed for use. The parts are made of a high-quality plastic mixture. Of course, no plastic is not made for eternity. But it can easily withstand a few years!

do I have to be a mechanic to mount the brackets?

No. As a rule, the conversion only takes a few minutes and can be changed with a standard wrench. New, high quality stainless steel screws are included. There are a few models that require drilling (but the holders are marked for this).

Are the parts road legal?

Yes, the license plate holders are not subject to registration and are set compliant. However, the customer is responsible for ensuring that their number plates are correctly placed and mounted. For this purpose, the rule according to the VTS (Ordinance on the Technical Requirements for Road Vehicles) must be observed. The license plates should be mounted in such a way that they do not pose a risk of injury. This means that the edges of the signs on the bumper do not protrude. Otherwise, this can be objected to by the road traffic office.

Here to: "Ordinance on the technical requirements for road vehicles 741.41"

Here to: "Ordinance on the technical requirements for road vehicles 741.11"

What does a set of 21Cars license plate holders include?

2 x modules for the front license plate 2 x modules for the rear license plate 4 x stainless steel self-tapping screws2 x stainless steel M6 screws